That's I
Share My Contact

Easily share your contact information. Share different information with business partners, real and mere friends. Share through the activity sheet, QR codes or show swipeable cards.


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You decide what to share with whom

“That's I” lets you select contacts from your address book and deselect any information that are not appropriate to share. “That's I” will save this information under a title you choose for immediate access. Share different contact details and contact images with different people.
Watch the Video above.

Load contact information from your addressbook. Add cards for your office contacts, friends etc.

Choose which information you want to share. For example deselect your birthday and your nickname on your business card.

Share your contact information via AirDrop or Mail with the iOS activity sheet.

Or even simpler. Share your information with a QR-Code with devices that do not support AirDrop.

Show your contact information on cards you can swipe away. Or tap a card and let your iPhone speak.

Scan QR-Code-vCards and add them to your addressbook. It will also scan regular codes and for example let you open a link in your browser.