That's I - Credits

Responsible for Site & App

Gero Lubeseder
Frauenbergstr. 8
35039 Germany

App Icon

„Thicky Fingers“ icon by my friend and colleague Johann

Used Frameworks & Code

ZLSwipeableView by Zhixuan Lai is licensed under MIT license.

MDMCoreData by Matthew Morey, Terry Lewis II, Matt Glover
and other contributors
is licensed under MIT license

JGProgressHUD by Jonas Gessner is licensed under MIT license

ios-pagedcollectionview by Jake MacMullin (@jmacmullin), Public Domain
Heard about it in his podcast MOBILE COUCH.
You should really add this to your playlist.

Button Icons

“User” icon by JM Waideaswaran,
“Falling Cards” icon by Andrew Hainen,
“Share” and “Trash” icon by Pham Thi Dieu Linh,
“Gear” icon by Stefano Vetere,
“Arrow” icon by hunotika,
“ascend” icon by Garrett Knoll,
“Photos” icon Milky - Digital innovation,
“edit” icon by NAS,
“Contact-Card” icon by Austin Condiff,
“Compass” icon by Paul Stevens,
“Book” icon by Eugene Maksymchuk,
“Refresh” icon by Michael Zenaty

Contact Property Icons

Material Design Icons by Google
licensed under CC BY 4.0
Added half-person and dotted-person icons